Finding the Best Pre-School in Bangkok

How to Find the Best Pre-school in Bangkok

Every parent wants their child to grow up with the best education and the ability to carve out their own successful life because, after all, education is the cornerstone on which achievements are built. In that light, it is no secret why Thai and foreign parents are on the lookout for thebest pre-school in Bangkok. A pre-school education sets the foundation upon which that educational cornerstone lies. 

Here are our picks for the best pre-schools in Bangkok to help parents make the right choice for their children.

  • Kensington International Kindergarten

Kensington International Kindergarten, located in Taling Chan, is the leading international nursery age school and best pre-school in Bangkok. Their curriculum follows the British Early Years Foundation Stage pedagogy, which was designed to promote the development of soft skills in tandem with hard skills.

Kensington provides a play-based learning environment that sees children learn and explore the world around them. To accommodate this learning ideal, Kensington’s campus was designed with plenty of green space and areas to support interactive learning.  

  • Bromsgrove Early Years

Located in the heart of Bangkok’s Minburi district Bromsgrove is an international school catering to expat and Thai children alike. Their program follows the British curriculum and is heavily focused on play-based learning. 

Teachers at Bromsgrove are all highly educated and qualified to teach ages 2-6. Their small class sizes and intimate learning environment ensures that each child is cared for and is receiving the best education possible. The entirety of the teaching staff is British, so if you are a British family or prefer the British education system, and are located in Minburi, Bromsgrove is the place for you.

  • British Columbia International School

BCISB follows Canada’s British Columbia Early Years curriculum and caters to both Thai and international students. Their beautiful onsite facilities and carefully curated teaching staff make BCISB one of the premier places for young children to learn and grow. After completing the 3-year Early Years program, students are then enrolled in BCISB’s elementary school and beyond, ensuring they have quality education from Day 1 until graduation.  

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