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Get Expert Hotel Management Consultancy Services for Your Project

Taking on a hotel project from the ground up takes careful planning. You need to partner with a company offering expert hotel management consultancy services to guarantee your project stays financially viable throughout the various phases of its development. 

Even the most experienced hoteliers in the world are not experts at every different facet of a hotel’s development. Some are focused on the hospitality concept as part of a chain of hotels that serve a specific niche of guests. They look at the big picture and leave the small details to other experienced people who are specialized in their particular areas. 

For others, a boutique hotel may be their lifelong dream after a career spent in hospitality. A place where they can put all they’ve learned into practice to provide their guests with what they see as being the ultimate hotel experience. 

There is no definite wrong or right way to develop a hotel project whichever category of hotelier you fall under. But consultancy services in hotel management can help you plan and see your way through the development from the initial ground-breaking to the day when you open your doors to guests.

  • Hotel Project Development

Hotel management consultants generally divide a project into three stages. They each require particular types of intimate knowledge and experience to solve any problems along the way. 

The first stage is the hotel project development. Most new hotels are designed specifically to suit the needs of the owners from the ground up. But a lot of boutique hotels often take advantage of large existing structures and renovate to serve as a charming hotel. 

Whatever path you choose, the initial stage of a hotel’s development involves construction expertise and careful planning to ensure the facilities and operational needs of a hotel are in place.

  • Pre-Opening Stage

The second phase involves putting all the pieces in place to ensure that the project will run smoothly once its doors are opened to guests. This includes lining up food and beverage suppliers, hiring and training staff, creating a business plan, setting up the operational strategy and ensuring the hotel departments are in communication with each other and support the day-to-day operation of the hotel. 

Hotel management consulting services focus on the staff as much as the finances and operational structure during this period. They’ll ensure that everything is ready for when you begin to welcome guests. 

This stage may also include a soft-opening, which is a test run of the hotel’s operational abilities. The hotel will welcome limited guests to evaluate the hotel’s performance before it’s fully opened to the public.

  • Post-Opening Phase

This is the phase where the hotel owners can reassess their concept and try to maximize profits. Hotel management consultancies are extremely valuable during this phase. The reassessment may include re-branding or repositioning in the marketplace to appeal to different types of hotel guests, such as business conventions, and MICE and tourism organizers. 

The consultants will have plenty of experience in taking you through these exercises and safeguarding the profitability of your investment. 

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