Showcase Your Feminine Side wearing a Lace, Off the Shoulder & Women’s Ruffle Blouse

Lace, Off the Shoulder & Women’s Ruffle Blouse in Thailand

The world of women’s fashion is a vast and confusing place, especially when trends keep coming and going every season. But one wardrobe staple that stands the test of time and should be a part of any women’s wardrobe is the humble blouse, available in an endless array of different styles, colours and fabrics. Worn with black pants in the boardroom or a flirty skirt at Sunday brunch, this versatile and eye-catching garment will see you through any situation. 

No matter your tastes, you can find a blouse to suit your body shape and budget. If all the choices — sheer, strapless, long-sleeve, panelled, criss-cross, sweetheart — are leaving you overwhelmed, let us give you a head start by introducing three of the hottest blouse trends of 2020. We hope by the end of this short article that you’ll be primed to purchase a lace, off the shoulder or women’s ruffle blouse in Thailand.

  • Lace Blouse

Since lace screams ‘femininity’, you really can’t go wrong with this style. Our advice is to pick a simple piece, stay away from lace blouses embellished with too much sequins, embroidery or frippery. To add to the ladylike aesthetic, try teaming it with a pearl necklace and earrings. Contrary to popular belief, a lace top can be paired with any type of fabric; and yes, that includes jeans! 

  • Ruffle Blouse

This year, the blouse trend that jumped off the runway and straight into the fashion magazines and onto the street was the ruffled blouse! Rev-up your fashion game and add a sexy layer of texture to your outfit with ruffles at the neck or wrists. Nowadays, many top designers are including ruffled blouses in their fall range. It’s easy to jump on this style bandwagon, a women’s ruffle blouse in Thailand can be found with ease both online and in-store across Bangkok and beyond.

  • Off the Shoulder Blouse

If you have ‘good’ shoulders and the confidence to show them off, we cannot more highly recommend you try an off the shoulder blouse. The style of blouse is always coming in and out of style for a good reason: teamed with a chic blazer, it can be worn to work, matched with a funky pair of jeans, it makes for a cute date outfit. The options are endless; let your imagination run wild! In our opinion, the only women who should stay away from this style are those with particularly broad shoulders or a heavy bust.

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