Great Disney Movies for Kids that Parents Can Enjoy

When you have small children, you want to make sure they have good, kid-friendly movies and shows to watch. If you are always in the room when your kids are watching movies, however, it can be very tiresome to watch shows and movies that are entertaining only to children. For family movie nights or just to preserve your sanity as a parent, it’s always good to have some good movie options that will be fun to watch for both children and adults. This article will give you some top choices for kids movies that you can enjoy too.

Wreck It Ralph

This endearing children’s movie follows the story of a collection of videogame characters. The main character, Ralph, is sick of always being a ‘bad guy’ and always losing his game. He travels through the other games in an effort to take matters into his own hands and meets many friends along the way. This heartwarming story has a great storyline and characters that both children and adults will fall in love with.


Zootopia is about a spunky rabbit who dreams of being a police officer in a world where animals who aren’t big and strong don’t typically take up the profession. She befriends a wily fox in an effort to prove herself and ensure she has the respect of her fellow officers. This hilarious and touching story is fun for the whole family.

Inside Out

This wonderful story is about the different emotions inside one little girl who is dealing with the stress of moving to a new house. It is wonderfully written and helps children to learn about the importance of emotions, as well as the fact that expressing them in healthy ways is okay and humans need all of them. This fantastic cast of characters is also entertaining for adults.

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