Marvel is Just Getting Started

Marvel wasted no time picking up where they left off before the pandemic. After the Infinity Saga captivated the world and Spiderman 2 wrapped up Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans were eagerly waiting for the next adventures for our favorite heros. After defeating Thanos, who would dare take on the greatest superteam in the galaxy?

To the disappointment of Marvel fans, the MCU was heavily affected by the pandemic, which delayed the release of Black Widow by over a year. But Marvel didn’t let the shutdown in 2020 affect its 2021 releases, and has hit home run after home run on their series and movies released this year. In just this year, we’ve been given the Wandavision, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and Loki series as well as the much-anticipated release of Black Widow. 

With just a bit of Phase 4 under our belt, we are just starting to piece together what will happen in our universe…..or universes. Rumblings of the multiverse have started to gain momentum after Nick Fury (actually Talos in disguise) mentioned that Mysterio was from a different reality than the universe we are familiar with. Then, Marvel announced the second installment of the Doctor Strange franchise will be titled “Multiverse of Madness”.

Well, the ending to Loki all but confirmed the multiverse is coming, with He Who Remains threatening that his multiversal variants are coming to wreak havoc. Whether that means Kang the Conqueror or another major Marvel foe is lurking in another universe remains to be seen, but it’s very clear that Wanda Maximoff will pay a vital role in managing the multiverse, as she is a Nexus being. 

Marvel is treading into some deep SciFi territory, and we couldn’t be more excited for what they have in store for us. 

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